MEAZY N More Dice Game

MEAZY noun \mē-zē\
“Used as a name to describe a person doing something so stupid but awesome at the same time. Usually making everyone laugh of [course].”
– The Urban Dictionary

MEAZY N More Dice Game/

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You’ll love MEAZY N More! It’s a set of 4 exciting and addictive dice games. Your family will be hooked as you roll the dice, working to create different patterns to earn points and win the game.

Offering fun for kids and adults alike, the games teach color and number recognition, as well as allow for a stimulating brain workout. Selecting the most beneficial color and number combinations is key to a winning strategy in each MEAZY N More game. MEAZY N More is designed for 2-4 players, but with additional sets there’s no limit to how many can join in the fun. And .. since everyone rolls at the same time .. there’s never a dull moment, as all players roll and work to build their sets at the same time.

MEAZY N More Dice Game/Like many classic children’s games, kids will love playing Eazy MEAZY and Not So Eazy MEAZY. There are no points to count. The first one to make the given set wins! And in MEAZY Street and Splitting Headache, children and adults alike will need a good strategy to help them make more sets to earn more points. But you have to create the first set in order to move onto the next!

Each game included in MEAZY N More depends on interactive play. There’s no waiting on other people to take their turns because everyone plays at once. After rolling the dice and forming sets, players return the unused dice to the rolling bins and pass them around to the next player. The excitement builds as each player comes closer to completing all the sets.

Will you roll the last color or number you need, shouting “MEAZY!” before someone else has the chance?

MEAZY N More consists of colored dice, four rolling bins and instructions, all in an easy to carry tote bag with a shoulder strap. Great for players on the go!

If you love playing dice games like Yahtzee and Farkle then
you’ll love MEAZY N More!

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A Lotta Dice, a Lotta Fun!

  •  Game is played by 2-4 players, but more players can be added with each set of dice added.
  • Each game comes with 36 dice for each player, 6 dice of 6 different colors.

Games include:

  • Meazy Street is the featured game (ages 8+) forming different color and number combinations, strategies include “blocking” other players and moving levels of dice for optimal playing.
  • Eazy Meazy and Not So Eazy Meazy games (ages 5+) were designed to introduce young ages how to form the color number pyramid creating a simplified game for fun.
  • Splitting Headache (ages 8+) is the advanced brain workout! Make sure you have all your colors and numbers covered! Ends with the winning Banana Split!

MEAZY N More is patent pending.

  • MEAZY N More is the first dice game of its kind with using the color and number combinations which are all mind stimulating.
  • MEAZY N More is fun and interactive as all players make plays at the same time and then pass unused dice to next player for the next shake.
  • Meazy game is played in 6 rounds, but can also be played using a time limitation, making it a game that can be played as long as you like.
  • MEAZY N More includes 4 can cooler type shakers for a softer shake and helps eliminates some of the noise.
  • MEAZY N More comes in a portable cooler style bag that has a adjustable shoulder strap and great for players on the go!

Instruction booklet comes in English and Spanish version with large illustrations of each game in the middle pages.

MEAZY N More Dice Game/
Eazy Peazy

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Can’t get enough of MEAZY? Download this PDF for 6 additional MEAZY N More games!